Why the Financial Troubles?

by Tony Durso

I am taking a finance management class, and the first two sentences in the book clearly explain why we are in financial crisis and recession with high inflation rates.

Simple actually, and you all know the answer:

Corporations base themselves upon one word and only one word: Wealth. The more that is acquired, the more money stockholders, the board and executives make.

If insufficient wealth is generated, then the executives are replaced. Simple. And who wants that?

Shades of gray become darker and darker until major scandals unfold-Enron, MCI, Andersen, etc.-all in the effort to make more money. Cutthroat indeed.

Financial crisis, higher inflation rates, recession?all push to get into first place. It becomes the most intricate and complex juggling act of the universe to keep everything in check?(virtually impossible).

Why does it happen? They think there is a shortage and try to hoard as much as they can.

I believe, there is plenty for everyone in the world. There is plenty of money. There is plenty of food. There are plenty of basic essentials. (Take a geology class and you?ll get it right away.)

I think there is enough for everyone in the world, except for the greedy.

Take your share. Live your life. Make and spend all you want. But leave some for others.

You can learn to sell good products and services in your business or company and make a great living at it. You can read more about that in my new book, The Black Book of Sales Secrets.

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