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by Tony Durso

Happy Shopper

Happy Shopper

This article has bearing on our economy and is an interesting read:

Sales Trainers may agree there is one and only one method of salesman training when it comes to what is called the "close." The normal method in vogue is to handle objections one after another, until the person buys. This can take all manner of guises. It can be an order to buy, coercion, the urging of someone (family, friends) and so forth. No doubt you have been in some of these scenarios. I know I have bought items in the past merely because I was told to buy them?

No doubt you have bought something this way only to feel "had" or "misled" and you regretted it. (Or, perhaps you were glad that someone twisted your arm to buy?) I believe that this sales action, improperly accomplished, can and does lead to refunds, charge backs, and other unsettling actions as far as the selling company is concerned.

I believe there is another method: This is when the person is highly interested in buying x-product and sets out to procure it. I'm sure you have been in some of those as well. You did not need a salesperson to sell you pants, shirts or other items that you now have, and possibly even your car. You probably had more fun going out to purchase something that you wanted, versus something that someone made you feel you wanted. Advertising and marketing by the selling company probably caused you, or someone you know, to get highly interested in their wares which then brought about the sale.

Through proper marketing and advertising, consumers can be made to be very interested in products or services. Isn't that right? Can it always be this way? I think so. Do salesmen have to twist someone's arm to "close" the person to buy something that the person wasn't sure about? I don't think so. The goodlife can still be attained through generating interest, not force.

Imagine if you are a wizard who can put the spell of "be interested" in someone? What if you knew how to get someone highly interested in a product or service to the point where he or she just wants it, and wants it now! What can you accomplish? Is that better than arm twisting? Well, it sure is a lot more fun. And having fun in sales is where both sides win-win, don't you think?

There are steps to generate high interest in people. Anyone can learn. My new book, The Black Book of Sales Secrets - Generate High Interest to Sell Anything, thoroughly dissects the subject of "being interested" and contains drills on how to find someone's interest level, and how to interest someone in just about anything.

Yes that includes getting a date! Women seeking men, and men wanting to know how to attract women: You'll find some amazing and simple techniques about that too? Read more.

Sales trainers should put this book into their salesman training.

The Black Book of Sales Secrets

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