Salesmen Have to Provide Good Products

by Tony Durso

For a salesperson to be effective, his or her company must possess the following hallmarks fundamental to the marketing cycle:

1. The company needs to know its markets and potential.

2. The company must develop products and services that are needed and wanted by specific industries or consumers.

3. The company should price its products or services so they are competitive.

4. The company has to produce the products or deliver the services they offer as promised.

With all these steps undertaken by the company, one could wonder why sales don’t just fall off a log and happen all by themselves. However, this would be an example of the cobbler going out to the countryside farms to get his food. One still needs the booth set up in the town square. (See earlier blog.)

In that regard, a final requirement is the following:

5. A company requires sales personnel and sales actions undertaken to inform consumers of its products and services, getting them to purchase such.

This last point would include all the factors of promotion, advertising, printing brochures, making Web sites, and so on, akin to setting up the booth in the town center. The better a company runs the full gamut on these points, the easier its salespeople will find it is to sell—at least that is what we hope will be the case.

May that help your salesman training to make you a better salesperson. The Black Book of Sales Secrets will help you generate high interest to sell anything.

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