Retirement: How do they do it?

It is so hard to make ends meet these days. I don't know how some people can save up so much. I live paycheck to pay check. Is there a way out of this rat race?

I would love to get an annuity, but need some good income to put into it for my future retirement.

I'm hoping we can get some better tax breaks from Obama. Getting $65 bucks a month is almost an insult. I've been paying taxes all my life.

Where's the "change" we've been promised? Or did he mean the change in our pockets when he said "change"?

I sure hope the worst is over. It would be great to retire without the worry of bills and stuff. Social security will not be enough. It seems that the whole system is to just keep me down and loaded with bills.

Something's gotta give.

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Apr 07, 2009
Financial Advice
by: Annuities-Financial-Planning

Thank you for your great financial comments Candicep and gang.

We took a good hard look at this and came up with some very simple financial rules. There are a lot of opinions out there. Some web sites seem to have just too much to say...

So we took just a few of the most simple, and most critical rules and put them on our site.

You can see these on the Financial Advice page at:

Thank you all for sharing. Please feel free to share your views with all of us.


Mar 29, 2009
1, 2 and 3
by: Candicep

Points 1 and 2 are great...but don't forget about number 3 - control the money.

People (myself included) tend to spend more when we make more, and still end up in the hole. Controlling the money once we have it seems to be a big issue for all of us. So, lower your debt and try to earn more, but do control it once you have it. Avoid temptations to buy more things or go in even more debt.

Great site for South Carolinians is:

Mar 16, 2009
Retirement: Tighten our Belts
by: Anonymous

I know it may sound tough to say, but in this depression that we are in, we have to do two things immediately:

1. We have to reduce our expenses.

2. We have to produce more to make more money.

Simple, yes. But that is really what we have to do.

If you do not have enough to retire on, then you have to sit back and take a hard-nosed look at 1 and 2 above. For real this time. Not to get harsh with you, but to put in the level of confront that it needs. One has to get tough on 1 and 2 above to really make it in this world today.

If you can increase the product that you produce at your job, and if it's a good product, then people will pay for it. And that means more money.

Of course, you can sell a lot of junk in your attic on eBay too, and while a good idea, does not handle the increased regular income that you may need.

Take another look at the simplistic 1 and 2 above.

Can you do that?

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