Our Economy Requires One-to-One Personal Effort

by Tony Durso

Flying to Destination (Purpose)

Flying to Destination (Purpose)

Our economy is going to take a one-on-one personal individual effort to pull it off.

This requires everyone to get more active, and have a plan.

A big part of that is establishing one's purpose.

Here is an article reprinted in full with permission of the author:

Get a Purpose, Get a Life (strategic planner)

Establishing your purpose is like getting a life and is vital for any strategic planner. (This is for everyone, not just sales trainers to put in their salesman training.)

Having and knowing your purpose means all the difference between being successful or living a meager existence; not knowing what?s going to happen next.

Knowing your purpose is as essential to your life as eating, living, breathing and sleeping. You really can't live without it. If you know your purpose, and are following it, you know what I mean. If you do not know your purpose, then your life may seem like it is a cork floating in the ocean, going wherever the current takes you. Why is that?

Having and knowing your purpose organizes your life. It puts order into chaos. Think of having all of your clean kitchen silverware in one big messed up pile, or just thrown randomly in a drawer. Is that an uncomfortable thought? Is that how your life feels?

It feels good to separate out the knives from the forks from the spoons. Establishing your purpose has the same effect. It feels good and helps you to put your life in order.

In sales and marketing, you need to know what your purpose is. Why are you going where you are supposed to go? Why are you doing what you are supposed to do? Your purpose is the reason for doing it. Knowing and having the reason to do something makes it a lot more fun, and makes it easier to accomplish. Your company may have mission statements as part of its strategic planner actions. That is good. That usually tells what the purpose is, as well as the company goal.

In order to be successful in life you have to embrace the purpose and make it yours. If you don't know the purpose, you have to work it out. I cover this in great detail, with how-to steps in the 2nd chapter of my new book, The Black Book of Sales Secrets. (This chapter is also a free download, which you will find on my main blog page.)

The Black Book of Sales Secrets by Tony Durso

Get the book, work out your purpose. Do the steps I recommend.

Done right, and you will feel like fresh wind in your sails. You will feel good and know where you are going.

Having a purpose is like being in a car and driving to a destination. Having a purpose is like flying in a plane and traveling to a specific location. Having a purpose is going on an adventure: Once you have the purpose, you know where you are going. You are en route. You are on the way. You are going somewhere. You know where you are going. Not only does that feel good, but that also helps you in life. Why? Because it helps align your life. It's the difference between knowing where you are going (having a purpose) or just stumbling along, not knowing where you are going (meager existence).

Can you imagine going to work everyday and just doing work for the sake of doing work? Or just doing work for "the paycheck" and no other reason. Yes, many people do that, I know. - That surely doesn't feel really good, does it? It's like trying to live life without having that "zing" in it.

Can you imagine going to work everyday and knowing precisely where your company or business is going, and why? Or knowing precisely where you are heading in life and why? - That would feel great, wouldn't it?

Get The Black Book of Sales Secrets
, study chapter 2, do the drills in the back of the book, and establish your purpose. Make that part of your strategic planner. Get a purpose; get a life.

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