Manage your own investments

by Paul Beardsell
(Amiens, France)

The real return on any investment is seldom more than 2 or 3 percent per year, after taking into account inflation and an allowance for risk (high yield = high risk).

Paying an investment manager 1% or 2% of your portfolio value each year means that most of the return on the investment is squandered. Instead, manage your own investments!

Published records show likely your guesses will be as good as those of the fund manager you're avoiding paying. And you'll have some fun at the same time as saving money.

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Jul 07, 2009
Manage your own investments
by: Anonymous

There are investments of all different amounts interest, so your statement of 2 or 3 percent per year does not seem right.

I don't know what it is now, but inflation used to run in the 4% range for years. So the trick is finding something that gives a guaranteed higher amount.

I heard you can get that kind of guaranteed interest with a fixed annuity. And I heard that some variable annuities have a minimum low interest that one can always count on.

Why bother managing your own investments? I'd rather have it guaranteed at a fixed rate and go on living!


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