Living on Social Security

by Claudia
(Dallas, Texas, USA)

Be Prepared

Be Prepared

Our Economy and Social Security. We cannot rely on Social Security anymore. We need to take responsibility for ourselves.

It is apparent that sooner than later social security and medicare will be reduced, and it is getting close. It is so close that we need to start looking at ways to add income to our social security.

Prices have skyrocketed and they are going to continue to rise. Gas and food alone are eating up that extra income you are getting from your annuities or 401K's.

The housing market has plummeted and ate up profits from your biggest investment, and we have no idea where the market is going. Even if it turns around, it is safe to say that it is going to take a couple of years.

You may have set yourself up nicely for retirement or you may not have. Either way finances are not looking like we thought they would.

Our investments are being depleted more and more each day. If you were lucky enough not have lost a large part of your money in the last two years, you are ahead of the game but not out of danger.

We have to start taking responsibility for ourselves and not rely on our social security to be part of the picture.

We are in unusual times. We cannot compare what happened in the past to what is happening right now. There is no comparison. The world is changing and we need to wake up! We need to make adjustments.

We need to take responsibility by making a few lifestyle changes which in itself can add to your income. I have added $300 a month to my income.

We can also work part time. There are many opportunities for anyone living on social security.

Say what you want but don't hang on to your point of view, be prepared for anything. Who would have thought we would lose as much money as most of us did?

The government says one thing and does another.

You have no idea what tomorrow is going bring.

Be Prepared!!

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