Invest in yourself

by Terry Johnston CFP
(Barrie, Ontario, Canada)

As a CFP Certified financial Planner I have seen a lot during my career. One common thread with all the successful people I have met was they all owned their own business and they were experts about that business.

The most successful window cleaner knows everything there is to know about window cleaning and is always learning and investigating any new information or opportunity as it comes along.

And this holds true for any business.

One of the best financial moves you can make is to build your own business. As we have all learned there are no guarantees with a job -- any job and of course none with any business you may start, but with your own business you are in control of the situation not your boss.

Security is in the person not the job. A second set of skills has allowed a great many people to move forward even in difficult times like right now.

A successful business can always be sold for profit to create retirement income funding.

Invest in yourself-learn about things that intrigue and motivate you. Often we strike gold when we simply search within ourselves.

Always take the time to invest in yourself.

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Jun 22, 2010
Invest in Yourself
by: Anonymous

Nights and weekends are a great time to do something you love, which can lead to a rewarding second income.

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