Diversify - I mean REALLY Diversify!!

by Adam
(Tuscaloosa, AL)

It's amazing to me the number of people who consider themselves diversified when all of their holdings are denominated in US dollars. The dollar's days are numbered, what with around 90 trillion of unfunded liabilities that our government will have to pay (or inflate away, or default on).

Please, for the love of Pete, get some money out of the dollar and into some commodity-based currency (Australia, Canada, even China).

Of course, there is always gold....

Now don't go crazy either - as in put it all oversees or in hard assets. But are you truly diversified when the value of everything you own is underwritten by US Federal Reserve Notes? I think not.

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Jul 07, 2009
Diversify - I mean REALLY Diversify!!
by: Anonymous

This works for people who have money to spare.

But what if you're paying off credit cards and being choked with bills? You gotta pay them off.

Then absolutely yes! Diversify and put money into strong assets that will be here tomorrow, like gold, platinum or silver. And keep careful check because they too can crash down someday...

I don't trust putting money in other government currencies unless carefully checked out. One bad currency crash and you're out of luck!

At least get a guaranteed monthly income annuity for starters, along with everything else...

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